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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

You may not only drive light-duty vehicles. You can be a heavy-duty vehicle driver. Such vehicles are not immune to facing problems. For instance, the heavy vehicle might drift off the road or its engine might stop working. You cannot solve such problems by gathering people to pull back the vehicle on road and a mechanic cannot repair the engine properly. With our heavy-duty towing trucks, your wrecked, immobile, rolled over trucks, SUVs and even buses can be brought back to safety.

Rotator services can be availed if your heavy-duty vehicles such as fire-trucks, buses or large transport trucks are stuck in mud or ditches. In such situations, large rotator trucks are used to haul such vehicles back on road.

Heavy Duty Lifting and Rotator Service in Kenner, LA:

Kenner Towing Pros provides premier 24 hr Heavy Duty Lifting and Rotator Service in Kenner, LA. Equipped with a fleet of huge sized tow trucks and rotators, the towing company responds to drivers in distress as quickly as possible. We have expert rotator truck drivers and tow truck drivers who make sure that your vehicle stays as is while towing. If you need heavy duty lifting and rotator service in Kenner, LA, simply call at (504) 470-0202

What Makes Kenner Towing Pros Different from its Competitors?

Over the years of providing quality towing services and a proven record of safe and efficient towing sets us apart from the rest of the competitors. Our commitment to your convenience is unique and our fleet of light and heavy tow trucks, wreckers, and rotators is one of its kinds. We keep up with the time, thus updating our machinery regularly. Besides this, we keep the upward moral ethical and social standards so that you don’t have to face any hassle in any way.

24 Hour Heavy Lifting and Rotator

We are available for heavy lifting and rotator service round the clock. No matter what time of day you need our help, you’ll find us at your service.

We are More Than Just a Towing Company

We understand that not every query is related to a breakdown or roadside assistance. Sometimes all you need is towing for transportation. Sometimes you want your boat towed to the nearby lake, and sometimes it is your recreational vehicle’s cabin that needs some mobility. We handle all such queries on a positive note. As we are for help, we help you. Most people know us as a towing company. However, we offer our tow trucks for transportation and logistics as well. Whether it is the heavy-duty equipment or cranes we can load it and go places.

We Tow Vehicles of any size anywhere:

Thanks to the wide array of tow trucks that we have in our fleet, we can traverse any path wide or narrow with ease. We tow regardless of which model of car, truck, or SUV you drive, and our auto towing assistance is not limited to just small cars and vehicles. We offer auto towing to heavy duty vehicles including busses and 18-wheeler transport trucks.

We are Fast, Efficient, and Reliable

Our flawless heavy lifting wastes no time at all, we are punctual and punctilious. You can rely on us no matter what sort of vehicle you need to be towed.

We Guarantee Safety of Your Vehicle and Transport Materials

Not every vehicle that needs towing is a personal lorry or a family SUV. Sometimes its the big transport trucks that need towing. Most of these trucks are loaded with transport materials which can be delicate, fragile, or even hazardous. Kenner Towing Pros  has a proven safety record of handling all such materials. Our expert towing team can ensure safety of not only your vehicle but also of any material that you were transporting.

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